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November 2018 News

NEW Group Rides & Group Workouts

What could be more fun than suffering with people towards a common goal? With our new group rides you can ride in a structured group equipped with a leader, group chat, and matching jerseys. Want something more tailored to you but with the same community feel? Then, our group workouts are for you! This type of exercise is tailored to each individual’s strengths, but you still ride the same course together.  

Find the Group Ride or Group Workout for Me

Passo dello Stelvio

Come conquer the Stelvio!

If you beat the best time for your gender you'll receive 2 weeks unlimited rides!

Connie is our QOM! She killed it with a time of 1 hour and 51 minutes. Daniel is our KOM with an amazing time of 56 minutes and 7 seconds.

Think you can do better on this 9 mile, 3655 foot climb? 

Come take your best shot!  

Conquer the Stelvio

We Do FTP Testing

What is an FTP Test, you ask? 

FTP stands for Functional Thershold Power.

Basically, it's the amount of power, in watts, you can sustain for approximately 1 hour.

So, how can knowing this help you?

Knowing your FTP helps you to train smarter and more effectively

to get the most out your training indoors and outdoors.

Our short FTP is only $12, so sign-up now to find out yours!

I Want to Know My FTP


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* November 9 open 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM by appointment

** Closed November 10 for the Tour de Foothills

*** Closed November 22 to 27 for Thanksgiving

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