Zwift Courses

*Watopia: What could be more fun!  This is a make-believe world, volcano and water tunnels included.  Let your imagination roam as you ride through this innovative and adventurous course.  A true favorite among our VROOMers.

London: Travel the world as you ride around downtown London and see all the main attractions--from Buckingham Palace to the Thames River.  We know you will have a smashing time!

Richmond: This course is a re-creation of the 2015 UCI World Championship course.  Cycle what the pros ride and test your skills right here in the US.

Innsbruck: Looking for a challenge?  Then, this course is for you!  This is the 2018 UCI World Championship course.  Enjoy quaint villages and snow-capped mountains on your ride through Austria.

New York: Step into the future as you ride through Central Park. This isn't your typical ride through New York--see "horse" drawn carriages and glass bridges over this iconic attraction.

Yorkshire:  This course  celebrates the 2019 UCI Road World Championships with 5 different route choices. 

* Watopia Available Everyday

RGT Cycling Courses

Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

.6 mi, 16 ft, 2% avg

From 1802 to the late 1980s the Canary Wharf Estate was part of one of the busiest docks in the world. Named after the No. 32 berth, which was built for a fruit trade company active in the Canary Islands, hence the name. 

Mount Ventoux, France

15.8 mi, 5236 ft, 6% avg  

This climb is a familiar sight to Tour de France fans. Starting out with the trees common in the lush French landscape, a rider will move into barren "moon-like" scenery before victoriously reaching the top.

Paso dello Stelvio, Italy

9 mi, 3655 ft, 8% avg

The highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps at 2757m or 9045ft above sea level. Crossed by the Giro d'Italia for the first time in 1953, when Coppi beat Koblet.

Pienza, Tuscany, Italy

6 mi, 771 ft, 6% avg

 A town in the province of Siena declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Started as Corsignano in the 9th century, renamed by Pope Pius II in the 15th century, and rebuilt as the first application of humanist urban planning.

Borrego Springs, California, United States

4.8 mi, 62 ft, 1% avg

This California desert is an iconic road for cyclists around the world. Home to the World Time Trial Championships, as well as part of the Race Across the West and Race Across America course, this desert will allow you to test your speed. 


 2.6 mi, 335 ft, 5% avg

 Paterberg is a recent addition to the Tour of Flanders, but it has already achieved a legendary status.  One story of how it came to be included in the race is that a farmer who lived on the Paterberg decided to take matters into his own hands and started building a road, laying the foundations for the road before putting every cobble into place himself.

* RGT Cycling courses currently unavailable.