How Do I Make an Appointment?


You can either call us at 909.493.5812 or book an appointment online by following these easy directions.

Create your Client Profile (New Clients Only)  


 Decide if you would like to Open Ride or be part of a Group Ride, Group Workout, or Yoga Class

Open Riding 

is when you come in whenever suits your schedule and ride at your own pace.  You will be surrounded by other virtual riders from all over the world, as well as the VROOMers in the studio.  If you would like to open ride, continue to STEP 3. 

Group Rides  and Group Workouts

are at scheduled times and are categorized as Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.  Group Workouts are personalized to your fitness level.  Your group members will not only be other VROOMers but also riders from around the world, all connecting virtually.  These rides are led by a real person (often in another part of the globe) who will be sharing instructions, advice, and motivation over the Zwift program to you as you ride.  If you would like to be part of a group ride or workout, click below. 

Yoga Classes

are at scheduled times.  We offer two types: Vinyasa Flow and Yoga, Ride, Yoga.  Vinyasa Flow classes are 1-hour yoga classes that're appropriate for any level.  We'll flow through different postures, building strength, flexibility, and balance.  These classes are awesome for your recovery days or to further your personal yoga practice.  

Yoga, Ride, Yoga classes start with 20 minutes of yoga to get you warmed up.  Next, we jump on the bike for a 40-minute ride.  Classes end with a 20-minute yoga cool down. 

All classes are taught by a 200-hour certified yoga instructor. To view our yoga classes, click below.


 Bring Your Own Bike (BYOB)

If you have a bike of your own that you'd like to ride, this is the appointment for you.  If you have questions as to whether your bike will fit on our Wahoo trainers, please call us at 909.493.5812. 

VROOM Studio Bike

Don't have a bike or just don't feel like bringing yours in?  No worries, we've got you covered!!!  You can use one of our traditional road bikes for your VROOM experience. 

VROOM Smart Spin

These are just like the stationary bikes you use at the gym or spin class.  They are great for those that are not use to riding a road bike or like a very smooth ride!!!