Session Packages

1 Session : $20


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5 Sessions : $90


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10 Sessions : $160


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15 Sessions : $210


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20 Sessions : $260


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Immersion Room Single Session : $20

What is the Immersion Room? Check out this unique experience under our "Special Services" tab!'

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Each session equals one hour. Five, ten, fifteen, and twenty session blocks can be shared with friends and family and never expire.

Monthly Packages

Monthly Auto Renewal : $59

Can be cancelled with 30-days notice after a 3 month period. 

Set-Up Unlimited VROOMs W/ Auto Pay

Cycling Buddies Monthly Auto Renewal : $89

This is a 2 person package.  Should 1 of the 2 persons cancel their contract, the second person's contract will also be cancelled.  Can be cancelled with 30-days notice after a 3 month period.

Please sign up for the Cycling Buddies Package at VROOM.

Performance Testing

Short FTP : $12

45 Minutes

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Long FTP : $20

1 Hour and 13 Minutes

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